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    This page is a humble attempt to glorify Frank Zappa,
a man who accomplished a seemingly impossible amount of work 
in a short lifetime.  Not only was he a masterful guitarist, 
but he could also conduct a full symphony orchestra.  His lyrics 
often gave insight to the very audience he targeted with his music.  
As music progressed, so did Frank, still telling his followers 
what morons they were.  From doo-wop to disco, he was there.
     Frank has around 70 albums on the market now, and new 
compilations keep popping out.  Thanks to his sons Ahmet-Rodan
and Dweezil, Leather was released earlier this year(a great album, 
I might add.) Zappa was so far ahead of his time that he probably 
would'nt be accepted even today, or in the next century for
that matter. I can't possibly say enough about Zappa without writing 
a book, but I do suggest you take the time to visit the links
on this page.Also, be sure to pick up:
1)Weasles Ripped my Flesh
2)The Best Band you Never Heard in your Life
3)Freak Out
4)We're Only In It for the Money  
5)Filmore East       

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